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EPM; MIT Polytech, Founded in 2013 by a group of professors and professionals in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean network for teaching and research in economics, management, and Technology, REMEREG Network. MIT (Mediterranean Institute of Tunis) succeeds in obtaining wide recognition. The network to which it belongs brings together public and private European, North American, and Tunisian universities.
EPM or MIT Polytech issues Tunisian Degrees. Students have the option to enroll for European degrees with Ecole Polytechnique Saint Louis, France, and IIF India. Students can take full advantage of the dynamism of European universities.
The idea for EPM was the brainchild of a group of teachers with extensive experience in public and private education and industry. The objective is to train versatile engineers in different technological fields with the scientific, technical, and human qualities that meet the demands of the national and international labor market. In addition to the preparatory cycle, EPM offers engineering cycles and diversified fields such as Computer Engineering, Industrial and Logistics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, and professional masters such as audit and energy efficiency, Systems development information, etc. Classes are taught in French with options in Arabic and English. In a world where new information systems, production, and management technologies are constantly evolving, the training of highly skilled engineers becomes more than a necessity, a strategic issue The EPM, multidisciplinary, covers the fields of study: preparatory cycle and engineering cycle, Bachelor degrees, professional masters and collaborations with Ecole Polytechnique Saint Louis, France and IIF India.
- MIT-Polytech a signé une convention en 2022 avec ELITE Canada pour permettre aux etudiants de continuer leurs etudes au Canada avec Emploi Garanti et possibilité de financement.
- MIT Polytech a signe aussi une convention en 2022 avec ELITE Innovation College UK, EICC pour permettre aux etudiants de continuer leurs etudes à Cambridge.
- Elle a également signé une convention avec l'Institut Polytechnique Saint Louis France permettant aux étudiants de continuer leurs etudes en France a IPSL.

Our vision is to be an activator of technological and managerial progress by:
  • teaching
  • applied research
  • the dissemination of knowledge

Our Specificities

Scientific And Technological Equipment

École Polytechnique gives its students solid training thanks to the well-equipped laboratories which allow them to simulate and implement circuits in both the analog and digital fields. The work and projects carried out by the students are representative, on a small scale, of what is done in the industry; which allows them to extend their practical knowledge. A training, with a good dose of practical work and internships in companies, will have the merit of broadening the employment horizons of graduates of the Private Mediterranean Polytechnic School of Tunis, EPM of Tunis. Our equipment is mainly oriented towards new technologies, a field that is both complex and promising.

Modern infrastructure

The management provides staff, speakers, and students with all the necessary infrastructure to ensure the smooth running of the tailor-made training. EPM has a library, a relaxation room but also various classrooms equipped with educational tools (video projectors, televisions, boards, computers, etc.) and a list of specialized laboratories equipped with the most recent technology to ensure training in the best conditions

Communicating In The Foreground With The Student

The External Relations and Communication process describes the procedures for exchanging information between EPM and its students. The relationship between the school and the company makes it possible to know the information to provide to the companies that employ our students and to identify their training and skills needs. During the internship, the process defines the tasks and obligations of the school to ensure the proper functioning of the internship.

Convivial Work Environment

Management and Administration ensure that each person (administrative, staff) in the training has a working environment adapted to his needs: pleasant and conducive to the development of the capabilities of each student. Managemen gives particular attention to the control of equipment; hygiene, environment; safety, and the use of up-to-date technologies. Students and teachers can use a static platform or a dynamic Moodle Platform you can follow all our programme on mobile.


20+ Cooperation Agreements

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Cooperation Agreements

A Student today: is the Executive, engineer, manager, and decision-maker of tomorrow / We provide you with tailor-made skills: your specialty, your background, your internship, your future company. This is possible thanks to our national and international network and exchange programs.


MIT Polytech has signed partnership agreements with industry to promote the integration of students: internships, practical work, integration into the social and professional world..

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International Cooperation Agreements

Since its creation, EPM has been committed to policies of openness and the development of international relations. The option for a double degree offers unique training in an environment characterized by close collaboration between EPM and Ecole Polytechnique Saint Louis, and IIF India..

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20 Golden Rules

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