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Enroll at MIT Polytech:

Enroll and obtain a Diploma recognized by the Tunisian State and European Union.

MIT is an official partner of the Gabonese State

You can download the registration form by clicking here:

Register now using Smart Admission Platform at the following link:

Enroll at Smart Admission Platform

You will find below the registration fees for each specialty:

Tuition Fees

Register internationally:

If you want a Double Diploma and Double Track that begins in Tunisia and continues in Europe, our partners offer you different opportunities.

1. French ENGINEERING cycle at Ecole Polytech Saint Louis, ECAM-EPMI

To enroll in a License and French ENGINEERING Cycle at Ecole Polytech Saint Louis, ECAM-EPMI (accredited by the engineering titles commission in France), CTI: Do 1-2-3 years in Tunisia
Do 2 years at ECAM-EPMI France: to obtain a French Engineer diploma
Admission level: License level L1 and L2 and L3: All technical and IT specialtiess

Contact in France:

Nathalie ZARATÉ: Head of Admissions Service Solenn DAUDU: Director of International Relations
International contact:
Contact in Tunisia:
Please find below the link to the Saint Louis Polytechnic Institute ECAM/EPMI registration form for the 2022/2023 season:Enrollment at ECAM/EPMI 2021/2022

2. To enroll in a European Master in Risk Management at Cy Cergy Paris University

Admission Level: Master's or M1 all specialties in management sciences
Duration of Studies: 1 year in M2; M1 in Tunisia and M2 in Europe; support memory in Paris

Contact France :
Jean-luc Prigent:
You can download the registration form by clicking here: Registration M2

3. DBA, Doctorate in Business Administration: France in Toulon at HECCI

To enroll in DBA, Doctorate in Business Administration; in France in Toulon :
French student card and French diploma
Admission Level:License level (3 years of experience); M1 level (2 years experience) and M2 level, All specialties
Duration : 2 years
Course taught by French DBA officials
Registration: Doctorate in Business Administration over 2 years

Thesis: write thesis minimum 50 pages in French or English

Contact France :

Aladdin Bijo :

You can download the registration form by clicking here:

Enrollment ay HECCI

Registration fees

Special Fees for Gabon students :

More: Professional certifications of skills in all tracks

Nabeul Location: Free housing : Social responsibility : Places are limited FIFO Method, first arrived first served

Additional Services :

- Agreements with Home for living: 1 350 000 CFA.

- Welcome and administrative services from the airport to the home: 300 000 CFA.

- Total : 3 million CFA: Study fees, living, help, and support

1350000+1350000+ 300000 =3 million CFA

- Restaurant: Food available on demand