Laboratory spaces and equipment
of the Mediterranean Polytechnic School

Training, with a good dose of practical work and internships in companies will have the merit of broadening the employment horizons of graduates of the Mediterranean Polytechnic School. For this our laboratory equipment is mainly oriented towards new technologies, a field that is both complex and promising..
The Mediterranean Polytechnic School already has an important infrastructure and remains ready to receive sophisticated equipment and material. Most of the school's practical work benefits from the excellent equipment of the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Technologies laboratories.

G.electrical laboratory

materiel Electrique a MIT Polytech
Equipement/ Électrique

G.mechanics laboratory

materiel laboratoire mecanique
Equipement/ Mécanique

Physical laboratory

materiel physique
Equipement / Physical

Chemistry Laboratory

materiel chimie
Equipement / Chimie

Student space

espace culturelle
Space / universitaire