Mediterranean Polytechnic institut

School of Engineers and Engineering,
Management, ICT and Smart Applications

MIT Polytech Tunis is a multidisciplinary engineering school certified ISO 9001 and ISO 21001 on all of its training courses. MIT Polytech is founded in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Education and Research in Economics, Technology and Management, REMEREG.
The school offers 4 engineering courses which cover the major scientific fields, and which are also accessible thanks to an original course.
MIT Polytech gives students a friendly space, with living spaces, collaborative workspaces and an incubator dedicated to start-ups allowing students and young graduates' projects to develop in a protected environment.

MIT Polytech since 2005 has succeeded in obtaining wide worldwide recognition (+100 partners and courses allowing students to continue in France to obtain a French Engineer title (Polytech Saint Louis, ECAM-EPMI), a French public master (University Cy-Cergy Paris) and a Doctorate in Business Administration, DBA in France.

The REMEREG network to which MIT Polytech belongs brings together public and private European, North American and Tunisian universities. The MIT Polytech school issues Tunisian degrees first and allows its students to continue for public and private European degrees (for those who wish) and takes full advantage of the dynamism of European universities.
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Our vision
Our vision is to be an activator of technological and managerial progress through teaching, applied research and the dissemination of knowledge
Our mission
Mediterranean Institute of Tunisia is to convert our students into efficient professionals by providing them the knowledge and skills required to measure meet the expectations of the globalized job market and to support industrial, digital and energetic.
" Mediterranean Polytechnic institut "
Student today: Executive, engineers, managers and decision-maker of tomorrow What interests us is to provide you with tailor-made insurance: your specialty, your background, your internship, your company, thanks to our national and international network and our programs exchange "


MIT Polytech has signed partnership agreements with industry to promote the integration of students: internships, practical work, integration into the social and professional world .

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Since its creation, EPM has been committed to policies of openness and development of international relations. The double degree offers a unique and exceptional training in an environment characterized by close collaboration between EPM and Polytech Nantes, School of Engineers.
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The 20 golden rules

Our values ​​strive
for excellence N° 1

Our Mediterranean University MIT gives you
the favor to benefit from its 20 golden rules