charte-qualite-accueil:Des informations claires qui répondent à vos attentes

  • 1. We provide you with the information you need to complete your procedures.
  • 2. We facilitate the use of our services on the internet for your online procedures.
  • 3. We direct you to the right service and we help you to carry out your steps.
charte-qualite-accueil:Un accueil aimable et attentionné

  • 4. We welcome you with courtesy in mutual respect and we ensure your comfort.
  • 5. Nous facilitons l’accès aux démarches pour les personnes en situation de handicap.
  • 6. We facilitate access to procedures for people with disabilities.
  • 7. We respond clearly and precisely to your requests and complaints.
  • 8. We answer all your calls, keeping your waiting time as low as possible.
charte-qualite-accueil:Votre avis compte et nous aide pour progresser

  • 9. We use your comments and suggestions to improve our services.
  • 10. We regularly evaluate your satisfaction and we communicate the results of these evaluations.
charte-qualite-accueil:Nos engagements auprès de nos collaborateurs

  • 11. We train our employees and give them the necessary tools to enable them to guide and facilitate the procedures for students and interested parties.
  • 12. We evaluate our practices, we involve our employees and we take their feedback into account to improve the quality of service