Challenge II :
Smart Applications and Process Automation

In cooperation with the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Education and Research in Technology, economics and management

Challenge II : Smart Applications and Process Automation

    The Innovation Challenge in « Smart Applications and Process Automation » emphasizes the transversality of the creative sector and its ability to promote innovation, especially in these times of crisis .
    It brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, startups, developers, companiesafin de déterminer les mécanismes, les outils et les solutions de soutien et de la promotion des tous les secteurs et ses acteurs.
    The objective is to work in collaboration with universities to identify sustainable and scalable scientific and technological solutions allowing to accelerate the innovation of products meeting the needs.
    This call for contributions: of the Mediterranean University will invite innovators to come up with new and practical ideas and solutions with the potential for expansion and scaling up.

Co-published by the Mediterranean University and the REMEREG Network

Le Challenge Innovation UM II Appelle Des Solutions Innovantes Dans Cinq Domaines :
  • Health system efficiency .
  • Energetic efficiency .
  • Mining efficiency .
  • Efficiency of the agro-food chain and biotechnologies
  • Efficiency of the education and social system

Who Can Attend ?
  • We are open to all ideas and solutions, whatever their stage of development.
  • It can be an innovation at an early stage or more advanced .
  • They can be the idea of ​​one person or involve a collaborative effort of different actors, such as research institutes, academic organizations, private sector companies .

What Wins The Winner ?
  • Support from partners to promote and develop your innovative solution
  • Coaching for the preparation of the presentation pitch, giving a 360 ° vision of structured innovation methods. Candidates learn to analyze complex problems and solve them in creative, iterative and multidisciplinary ways.
  • Participation in our CITI innovation research unit: the winner will receive technical support to transform their idea into a prototype ready to be piloted.
  • Global visibility : The winner will receive visibility for their idea, including an invitation to their solution from potential partners and sponsors, press articles in the media, videos, among others.

Key dates

Call launch : November 16, 2020
Deadline for submitting ideas by authors: February 8, 2021 (midnight)
Jury meeting for the preselection of innovative ideas by theme (1st evaluation): 09 and 10 February 2021
Support for preselected projects in drafting the complete application file : until February 17, 2021
Oral presentation (2nd assessment): February 18,19,20 2021
Announcement of the winners « five finalists from each axis » and presentation in the conference : February 22, 2021 at 3 p.m.
The five best candidates from each axis will be invited by UM for the CITI international conference; oral presentation (3rd assessment) : challenge:les cinq meilleur(e)s candidat(e)s de chaque axe seront invité(e)s par MIT pour la finale de Challenge Innovation MIT II. Chaque candidat disposera de 15 minutes pour présenter son innovation à un public et un jury d’experts internationaux. La présentation peut se faire en anglais ou en français.
announcement of the winners : March 6, 2021, the jury of international experts will determine the winners, first, second, third, fourth and fifth place on the basis of defined criteria.
Prize giving ceremony: March 6, 2021 .
Any question relating to the call for papers in general or to the application process: .

The prices

    The first place of each 1 axis will have 500dt. Also the five best projects selected by the international jury on March 06 during the congress will be compensated and supported for other perspectives.

  • 1st place of each axis will have 500 TND
  • 2 th place of each axis will have 500 TND
  • 3 th place of each axis will have 500 TND
  • 4 th place of each axis will have 500 TND
les prix de challenge 2 : smart application